Tom Brady & Gisele Divorce Nicely

Fans have buzzing about the alleged divorce between Tom Brady and his super model wife, Gisele Bündchen. Sources confirm their issues arose between the couple when Brady retired from the NFL, and then unretired. It’s believed Bündchen was upset when Brady chose his career over his family again, with a short-lived retirement that revealed his priorities. It was reported they both hired lawyers.

High profile divorces like this can be a recipe for a Divorce War. Considering they have large amounts separate property (assets earned before the divorce), community property (assets earned during the marriage), businesses,  children, and public image issues to be concerned with. It’s even been reported Tom Brady purchased a pickle ball team after the divorce rumblings started.   Purchasing anything during a divorce can complicate things even more.  These issues can easily turn into a long-drawn-out divorce battle.

But Brady and Gisele have wisely chosen to file an uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce is where both spouses reach an agreement on how to divide their custody time, and how to divide their assets. This option is a stark comparison to a contested divorce process, which could require multiple court hearings, a trial, and give a judge the power to make final decisions. Contested divorce are more expensive and take longer than uncontested divorce.

For Brady and Gisele, choosing an uncontested divorce was not about the money.  It was probably more about being the masters of their fate. With an uncontested divorce, they were able to determine the terms of the divorce. Instead giving a judge authority to make orders, they were able to control their divorce.