Traffic Ticket Sign-Up

Enroll for our traffic ticket service, and we will send an attorney to traffic court for you. While we cannot guarantee the outcome, more often than not we are successful at reducing the fine, reducing the ticket to a non-moving violation, no DMV points, and no requirement of traffic school.  We only charge $50 for most tickets.

Traffic Ticket Service Benefits

  • Reduction in fine
  • Reduce ticket to non-moving violation (which keeps your insurance rates low)
  • No traffic school
  • No DMV points
  • No spending your day in court

Mobile App Submission
To download our mobile app you can search “rightlawyers” on iTunes or Google Play. With our mobile app you enter a few bits of information, take a picture of the information portion of your traffic ticket and hit submit. The ticket is quickly submitted to our firm.

Online Form Submission
To submit your ticket using on online process, simply complete the form below and subit.

Two Decades of Experience
Attorney Gary Thompson has been handling traffic tickets in Las Vegas for almost two decades.  His experience and rapport with the courts makes him one of the best traffic ticket lawyers in town.

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