Uncontested Divorce & Mediated Divorce

Posted: 17 September, 2019

Difference Between Mediated Divorce & Uncontested Divorce

Clients looking to file divorce will often use words like “uncontested divorce”, “joint petition for divorce” or “meditated” divorce. These three types of divorce are similar and in some ways different.

An uncontested divorce and a Joint Petition for divorce result in the same outcome. A couple looking to file for divorce and who are in agreement with the major areas of a divorce; child custody, child support, division of debts, division or assets and spousal support, can use a Joint Petition form.   A Joint Petition is the official name of the legal form used by divorcing couples to file with the family court. Joint Petition forms do not require the services of a divorce attorney.

If a couple decides to use a Las Vegas divorce attorney to file their divorce, most divorce attorneys in Las Vegas draft their own forms to file with the court.  This is often because couples using an attorney have unique issues they would like in their divorce decree that a Joint Petition doesn’t allow room for. 

That leaves us with a mediated divorce.  This is where a divorcing couple “almost” agrees on everything and would like an attorney to help them work through the issues.   After mediated the child custody or other issues the divorce lawyer would draft a stipulated decree of divorce and file it with the family.

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Meredith Weiner