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Best Interest Factors for Determining Custody
Divorce attorney Stacy Rocheleau explains Nevada's Best Interest Factors. These are the factors the courts look at in determining custody.
Best Interest Factors Used by Family Courts to Determine Child Custody
The Las Vegas family court uses the best interest factors to determine custody rulings. Their are around 11 main factors that you should consider if you are looking to file for child custody.
Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers - Can a Parent Leave Nevada with a Child
Family Law discusses the laws and process for relocating out of state with a child. The attorneys at Right Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas specialize in complex divorces and post-divorce issues. No divorce that involves children is entirely simple, and divorce agreements that involve custody and child support tend to become more complicated over time. Changes in income, social situations and work obligations can all put strain on the custody agreement. In many cases, your agreement will affect the way you make life decisions. For instance, if a respected company offers you a desirable job in another state, you may need to consider how an interstate move will affect your ex-spouse before ...
Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys
Only a person who has experienced a divorce can understand how emotionally trying it can be. Spouses don't spend their marriage believing they will divorce, so finances and assets become extremely intertwined, making it difficult to split. Furthermore, any divorce that involves children may require a very careful approach. Most legal action involves two strangers who were involved in a car accident together or an employee and their employer. Although these types of cases can be exhausting for all parties involved, divorce stands out as a particularly difficult process. No matter what type of relationship a person has with their spouse, there is an inherent amount of emotional investment ...
Does a Party Need a Custody Order to Leave the State?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses if you need a custody order to leave the state. A party does not need a custody order to leave the state, however a party needs a custody order to bring his/her children out of the state. If you leave the state without your children you are making a stronger argument for your spouse to gain primary custody.
When Can a Party Modify Child Support?
Divorce attorney Meredith Weiner explains in this video when a party can modify child support. There are three events that can trigger a modification to child support: (1) a change in income of more than 20%; (2) any change in the custodial arrangement and (3) every three years a party can file a motion to reevaluate child support.
What is the Process for an Uncontested Divorce?
Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau discusses the process for an uncontested divorce in this video. The attorneys will then start drafting documents for the spouses to review, the most important are the terms and conditions of the divorce. At that point, changes and edits can be made before finalizing the documents for filing with the judge.
What is a COPE Certificate?
In this video, divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau discusses a COPE certificate. In Nevada, parents getting a divorce that have children or parents that are finalizing a custody order have to go through a parenting class, known as a COPE class. The class is completed online and teaches how to coparent.
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