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When Can a Party Modify Child Support?
Divorce attorney Meredith Weiner explains in this video when a party can modify child support. There are three events that can trigger a modification to child support: (1) a change in income of more than 20%; (2) any change in the custodial arrangement and (3) every three years a party can file a motion to reevaluate child support.
What is the Process for an Uncontested Divorce?
Divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau discusses the process for an uncontested divorce in this video. The attorneys will then start drafting documents for the spouses to review, the most important are the terms and conditions of the divorce. At that point, changes and edits can be made before finalizing the documents for filing with the judge.
What Are the Fees for an Uncontested Divorce?
At Right Lawyers, the fees for an uncontested divorce start at a $1,000 fixed fee. If there are children and there needs to be a custody plan and child support then the fixed fee is $1,500. If an attorney is needed to negotiate or extra help with the terms, those fees would start around $2,500.
What Are the Five Areas of a Contested Divorce We Need to Agree On?
In this video, divorce attorney Rock Rocheleau discusses five areas of a contested divorce that spouses need to agree on. Spouses must agree on child custody, child support, division of community property assets, division of community property debts and alimony. If spouses are not able to agree on these five areas, they must go before the judge and provide evidence supporting what they want.
What Are Temporary Orders?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner defines temporary orders. This allows the judge to put orders in place while the divorce is pending.
Do You Have the Facts for Primary Physical Custody?
In this video, divorce attorney Brittney Salvatore Perkins summarizes primary physical custody. Additionally she discusses what set of facts you may need to persuade the court that you should be granted primary physical custody.
What is a Case Management Conference?
In this video, divorce attorney Meredith Weiner discusses what a case management conference is. Attorney Weiner summarizes what typically happens at a case management conference.
Can You Relocate to California with the Minor Child?
In this video, divorce attorney Brittney Salvatore Perkins discusses if you can relocate to California with your minor child/children.

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