Criteria for Modifying Child Support

Posted: 11 September, 2019

You can have the court recalculate child support after you receive your divorce orders. But there are some criteria for modifying child support that it’s important to be aware of.

The easiest way is if both parties agree to stipulate the amount. You and your ex can agree at any time on an amount deviating from Nevada’s child support formula. That’s your right. The catch is that if one party becomes difficult, then it’s hard to enforce.

There are two ways to modify child support through court intervention.

First, every three years you can have the court review your financial situation without any penalty. The court protects your right to do that because situations change. All you have to do is file the financial documentation, and the court will re-evaluate the numbers.

Second, you can have the court adjust your child support at any time if one party has a 20% change in income. Like the other method, you must file financial documentation for the court to review. However, if you’re wrong, you will probably have to pay your ex’s divorce attorney fees.

What are the requirements for modifying a child support order? Attorney Stacy Rocheleau explains when and how.