What are Temporary Divorce Orders?

Posted: 11 September, 2019

At a temporary motions hearing, a judge will decide to grant or deny temporary divorce orders that will stand until a judge issues the final divorce orders.

Either party may file a motion for a temporary order. Some of the most common requests are to maintain possession of the marital home, temporary spousal support, and temporary child support. A judge can also set temporary custody orders if the parents cannot agree on a custody schedule. A less typical example of temporary orders is allocating temporary attorney’s fees.

At the temporary motions hearing, both parties will make verbal arguments. The divorce attorneys for both spouses will have already submitted written briefs.

A judge can then decide whether or not to make the temporary awards.

Divorces can take six months or a year to finalize. Most divorces need temporary orders. Attorney Laura Johns discusses what temporary orders are and why they are used.