What is “Discovery” in a Divorce?

Posted: 30 August, 2022

At trial, you must present evidence to support your case. Discovery is the process of gathering evidence. It can take many different forms and is a normal part of the divorce process.

Diving into the specifics of “what is discovery in a divorce,” discovery takes many forms. One form is called interrogatories. That is asking yes/no questions of the other side. Your divorce attorney can help with the phrasing of the questions and the right questions to ask. Another is requesting documents. If the other side is not cooperating in a timely manner, then your divorce attorney can send subpoenas to banks, people, and other institutions seeking information.

Each of these forms of discovery is to build up evidence to make your cast to the court.

If your divorce is contested there may come a time when you need to exchange documents with the opposing party and answer questions posed by their attorney. This is called “Discovery. Attorney Philip Spradling discusses the discovery process in a divorce.