Las Vegas Votes Right Divorce Lawyers as Best Divorce Lawyer in 2017

Posted: 7 March, 2024

15 years ago, Stacy Rocheleau had a law degree and a passion for helping people. She rented an executive suite, hung out her sign, and began helping folks all over Las Vegas file uncontested divorce papers, divide their assets, calculate alimony, and write up child custody schedules.

Her passion has grown into one of Las Vegas’ busiest divorce law firms. Now Rocheleau has five lawyers, and two locations for sharing that passion. To memorialize the decade long success, Las Vegas locals voted Right Divorce Lawyers the Best Divorce Lawyer in 2017. No stranger to awards, Right Divorce Lawyers is rated 10.0 by Avvo and A+ by the Better Business Bureau. But, “to be chosen by locals was extra rewarding,” says Rocheleau.

One of the comments Right Divorce Lawyers commonly receives is how much the staff does to educate and inform their clients about the court process. The staff at Right Divorce Lawyers will always take the time to explain what happens next, what this means for the client, and what their options are. “The more people know about what is going to happen, the less stress they feel,” says Rocheleau.

Right Divorce Lawyers adopted a fixed-fee pricing system to bring further peace of mind to clients. The cost of legal representation is a source of anxiety for most people going through a divorce. Every time you call or email your attorney you get charged. “At Right Divorce Lawyers we give you an estimate of the costs and that is all we charge,” says Rocheleau. The fee doesn’t change even if it takes more time than estimated.

Innovating online information and tools is the next frontier for customer service for Right Divorce Lawyers. Clients who have questions about the divorce process, how much child support they might pay, or how much alimony they might receive can visit The website is a growing library of tips, tools, and videos about divorce and custody issues.

At the end of the day, Right Divorce Lawyers is motivated to help. They understand the stress divorce can bring and whether developing fixed fee systems, or online tools, the goal is to get their clients through the system and on with their lives.