What is a Financial Disclosure Form (FDF)

A Financial Disclosure Form (FDF) is a financial snapshot of your income, expenses, assets, and debts.  The form is required in all divorces and custody cases.   Your judge will use this form to make decisions regarding child support, spousal support, division of assets and the division of debts.

It is important to complete this form as accurately as possible.  One, you are completing this form under the penalty of perjury.   Two, bad information on the form will lead to bad results in the courtroom.

Rock Rocheleau, a divorce attorney, made a few quick videos to help you complete your FDF.   Each video is about five minutes long and explains how to complete different pages on the FDF.

Financial Disclosure Form Video 1

This first video walks you through your general info, employment info, and calculating your monthly gross wage.


Financial Disclosure Form Video 2

This second video explains how to add deductions from your gross wage.   It also explains how to calculate your income if you own a business and goes through adding personal expenses to the FDF


Financial Disclosure Form Video 3

This third video walks you how judges and attorneys look at your gross wages compared to your personal expenses.


Financial Disclosure Form Video 4

This fourth video walks explains how to add your assets and debts to your FDF.