Why Don’t You Go Divorce Yourself!!!

Sofi Maure, an internet influence, got attention when she married herself.  Sofi tweeted, “Today, in the most spurious moments of my life, I bought a wedding dress and cooked a wedding cake to marry myself.”  Sadly, after only 24 hours of marital bliss, she tweeted she was getting divorced.

Marriage to yourself can’t be easy. Sure, you split the household chores and take turns cooking dinner, but somehow it feels like you’re doing everything. It’s healthy to spend time away from your partner, but every time you want a little “me” time, there you are.   Even though you both work full time, it seems like you’re bringing in the paycheck.  At least you share a lot of common interests.

In Nevada you do not need to prove fault in getting a divorce.  Her divorce petition could cite she felt “smothered”, her spouse was “a narcissist”, or she was disappointed with where she took herself for the honeymoon.  Any of these reasons, or no reason at all, would work.  Most people simply claim irreconcilable differences.

While this is obliviously an internet stunt, it creates a few silly legal questions to ponder.  For example, can you marry yourself?  Could she be ordered to pay herself alimony? Who gets the separate property (property acquired before marriage)?

Hypothetically, Sofi’s divorce process went a bit like this. She prepared a divorce petition and summons. She filed these with the court and then hired a process server to formally deliver the petition and summons to herself.  At least locating the other party for service of these documents was easy.  Once properly served, Sofi would need to file a response and start working out how she is going to divide her debts and assets with herself.

A divorce can be uncontested (no fighting and no court hearing) or contested.   This divorce seems ripe for filing an uncontested divorce.  To be uncontested Sofi would need to propose a settlement that was satisfactory to herself.  If Sofi agrees, they both sign the agreement, and are on their separate ways, sort of.

If this divorce had been a contested divorce, the court would deny the divorce because Nevada law (and I assume most other states) only allows a divorce between “two” persons.    People have tried to marry their dogs (this is true Google it), only to have the marriage determined to be void.  If Sofi somehow she received a marriage license to marry herself,  she would need a legal document voiding the marriage.  The court would allow Sofi to change her request for a divorce to an annulment.   The annulment would void the marriage and give Sofi the legal document confirming such.

Sofi has over 500,000 followers on Twitters (aka X).   This stunt received a few thousand comments.  After posting she was getting a divorce, one of her followers commented, “Get a good lawyer”.   Good advice.  I would add “Get the RIGHT Divorce Lawyer”.