Women Filing Divorce More Than Men

Posted: 9 November, 2020

The 1960s hit song “These Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra definitely rings true for 21st century women. A 2000 published study in the American Law and Economics Review revealed that more than 68 percent of divorce petitions are filed by the gals and not the guys. So, why are women the gender who initiate divorce proceedings the most? From finances and expectations to social atmosphere and available resources, there are several reasons women are more apt to throw in the towel than their male counterparts in the United States. Here are some supported theories why the ladies are contacting more divorce lawyers than their male counterparts.

Theory 1: Today’s Well-Heeled Women Have the Bucks

Unlike their peers of yesterday, today’s bluestocking women have more money to fly the coop. That’s because they’re more educated and have more professional opportunities to hold good jobs that command higher salaries. With the bucks behind them, women have more financial freedom to say good-bye to a non-fulfilling marriage. Today, women aren’t dependent on their man to bring home the bacon. They can support themselves without their spouse.

Theory 2: Women of Today Have Higher Expectations of Marriage

This theory is propelled by the belief that women’s social perceptions of marriage have evolved over the decades. Their parents are grandparents of previous generations married with the accepted perception that marriage would require them to be solely caretakers of children and husbands along with daily responsibilities of cleaning and cooking. As a matter, women were expected and didn’t resent putting their family first and their own needs second. This limited expectation has evolved into a big expectation with a required delivery. Women want their husbands to be more proactive in child rearing, cooking and cleaning. It’s all about gender equality. Women also expect their husbands to make them happy. And if their high expectations of marriage aren’t met, they’re not gun shy about putting their own needs first and filing for divorce. That 1960s advertising tagline, “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” underscores the yesteryear and today’s marriage expectations of women.

Theory 3: Today’s Married Ladies Want Their Own Identity

In the past, a married women’s identity was defined as a mother or wife. Today, women are breaking out of the identify mold which confined to being who they are just in the marriage and home. Women in this era are more progressive and driven, which fuels them to establish a female identity outside of the marriage. It’s likely that the new generation female will have both female and male associations and friends outside of the home. The proverbial midlife crisis can also propel women to want to establish their own identity. What was once taboo is now the norm.

Theory 4: There’s an Increase in Social Acceptance of Divorce

Being a divorced woman today is no longer seen as a bad thing anymore. Divorce just doesn’t carry the social stigma that it once did. Society has evolved in its opinion regarding divorce. Women are much less likely to stay stuck in a bad marriage just for good appearances. Divorce women are no longer shunned or looked at as an outsider to mainstream society. The increasing societal acceptance of divorce may also a factor in why women may feel that’s it’s easier to file for divorce than to try and fix a broken marriage. It’s also one of the backdrop reasons why women don’t hesitate when it comes to filing for a divorce.

Theory 5: There are More Available Resources for Domestic Violence

Sometimes, women want to flee a marriage due to a physically abusive or emotionally abusive husband. Domestic violence is no longer a closet secret withheld from others. Women in bad marriages have options and more resources. From shelters and hotlines, these support systems give women the help needed to escape an abuse spouse.

Theory 6: Women Now Speak Their Mind

No longer do women sit silent and keep quiet about non-marital bliss. Women are much more apt to express verbal dissatisfaction with the state of their marriage, whether it’s due to non-communication or an affair. On the flip side, men are more likely to stay quiet about their dissatisfaction with the state of their marriage. While men may be troubled by their wives’ expressed dissatisfaction, they’re more content and okay with the way things are and hesitate with wanting to call it quits with filing for a divorce. Plus, men are more compliant due to the financial factors. After all, it’s cheaper to keep her. These differences in men and women verbal responses to dissatisfaction in a marriage have been noted in clinical observations by Michael Rosenfeld.

All around, the women of the 21st century are more willing to exit a marriage that’s just not working for them. Divorce is an easy, effective and doable option. What’s your take on why more women today file for divorce than men? Do you support any of these theories or have one of your own? Let your voice be heard and share your personal opinions with us in the comments’ section below.