Your Divorce Planning Guide: 7 Steps to Prepare for Divorce (Pt. 3)

Posted: 13 September, 2021

Ending our blog series Your Divorce Planning Guide: 7 Steps to Prepare for Divorce, here, we will reveal some final steps to consider taking when you are getting ready for a divorce.

Divorce Planning Guide: Here’s What Else You Can Do

Step 5 – Think about your goals and ideal outcomes.

While we’ve discussed some financial and administrative divorce planning steps up until this point, this step is more focused on mentally preparing for divorce, as knowing what you want out of the divorce process can help you:

  • Figure out what you may want to fight for
  • Identify the issues that you may be more willing to compromise on
  • Assess whether options like mediation may be suited for your divorce (when divorce mediation is viable for couples, separating parties may be able to resolve their divorce cases more efficiently and favorably).

Step 6 – Consider getting some emotional support.

Even though you may need or want a divorce, you can still be bitter or intensely sad about it. After all, ending a marriage can generate a lot of conflicting, intense emotions, ranging from anger and resentment to grief and depression.

To help deal with such emotions, setting up a support system – through friends, family and/or professionals like therapists – can be another great divorce planning step to take. In fact, if you have your emotional support system in place now – even if you aren’t feeling particularly emotional about your divorce at the moment, you will have the psychological safety net you may need later, particularly if your divorce:

  • Turns ugly
  • Brings up sensitive issues or information you previously didn’t know (like, for instance, a former partner’s extramarital affairs)
  • Ends up having deeper emotional impacts on you for whatever reason.

Step 7 – Contact RIGHT Lawyers.

Of all of the divorce planning steps revealed so far, this is the single most effective step to take when you want to ensure that:

  • You cover all necessary divorce planning steps;
  • Your interests are fully protected; and/or
  • You want the best representation in your upcoming divorce.

The bottom line is that, no matter how much you think you have prepared for divorce, nothing can prepare you better than an experienced divorce lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours and knows how to aggressively advocate your rights. So, contact us if you are in the divorce planning stage – our Las Vegas divorce lawyers are ready to start providing you with the best divorce representation today.

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